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Gerardo Castro was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. He obtained an MFA in painting from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, in 1996 and has been exhibiting his work nationally and internationally.

Read Claire Lambe’s review, of Emanations, in Roll Magazine, the meaning and purpose of the exhibition and the artwork.  Write-up by Faheem Haider, Sex as Salve gives the reader a glimpse into the Homo-erotic, sensual and tactile side of Gerardo Castro's paintings: Illuminated Shadows.  His Fire & Indigo series are burnings on paper emanating what the artists sees as the most seductive and important color regarding his history and spirituality,  INDIGO.

Contact Artist for Recent CV and upcoming exhibitions, events, invitations, purchasing art or to arrange a studio visit, in Newburgh, NY where he currently lives. Gerardo Castro is currently organizing - a public art experience:  The Lightbulb Project

As a 1980’s gay man, I was insanely surrounded by misfits, and unlike uncouth straight boys, I threw the best parties. We knew about things back then. We knew about people, people like Yma Sumac, Francis Bacon and Yves Saint Laurent, Sylvester, Divine and La Lupe, Nina Simone, “La Divina” Maria Callas; Hector Lavoe and Piri Thomas- who brought me back “down these mean streets”, the ultra visionaries Klaus Nomi and Leigh Bowery and Nancy Cunard, the rebel artist who wore hundreds of ivory bracelets right up to her armpits. Today, there’s a lot of mediocrity being celebrated, and a lot of wonderful, progressive stuff being ignored or discouraged.